Drawing has been a regular part of my life since childhood. Art classes were a necessary part of my public education, and upon receiving my diploma I pursued studies further in higher education. Simultaneously the universe provided tattooing as a means to make a living. After three and a half years, tattooing called me away from academia and became my full time passion.

 I apprenticed under Rodney Adams of Twisted Images, and worked for him and Amy Willmore for around
six years. Afterwards I opened a private Studio, Solidarity Tattoo, where I quietly continued my studies as a student of Tattooing for four more years. The location
was quite close to ACME Tattoo Co. in the highlands and I spent a great deal of time getting tattooed by and hanging out with the great crew that works there.
Four years ago I joined up with John Furse and Dennis Pase at Five Star Tattoo on Frankfort Ave and currently call this shop home!

June of 2018 will mark the
completion of my fifteenth year in the field of tattooing. I am grateful and blessed for the opportunities and friendships it has created. My journey has led me to
pattern based and geometric styles of tattooing, specificslly influenced by the worlds of ornament and Mehndi (henna). I always apprecite the opportunity to
explore traditional American and Japanese influences as well. I enjoy old and ancient art forms invoking universal themes and imagery all souls can relate to.

Recently a new world has opened to me in the form of live art. I now have the opportunity to take what has been learned over the years and offer it as a visual
experience. Stay tuned for opportunities to see me in action at local charity and festival events!