Karl tattoos at Good Karma Tattoo in Louisville, Kentucky at the Mellwood Art & Entertainment Center.

He also does regular guest spots at:

White Willow Tattoo in Pittsburgh, PA

If you are booking with Karl outside of Louisville please specify your location in the Tattoo Description box. 



CURRENTLY NOT BOOKING* However, feel free to fill out request form and he will get back with you as soon as possible.

To book an appointment, please fill out the form below.

Karl is currently placing preference on geometric & ornamental work, but is open to many ideas so send them our way!

Once the form is placed, expect a response within 5 days. In times of high volume, we may not always respond in 5 days. In that case, feel free to resubmit your form. 

A $100 deposit is required after appointment dates are arranged and can be paid in-shop at Five Star Tattoo or click on the link below:

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Karl is available to tattoo Wednesday-Saturdays.
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